How Does Our Lead Generation Service Work?

We send solo emails out daily using our own lists with over 300,000 subscribers, along with multiple safe lists that only send to the contact email address of their members. The ads we send generate thousands of daily clicks that we share using a rotator, and redirect them in full page view back to our customers websites.


We use generic "make money from home" ads. Each time someone clicks on the link in our emails they are redirected to our rotator that randomly displays our customers links. If they like what they see they will either opt-in to your page, buy what your selling, or bookmark and come back later. This is the fastest and cheapest way to get targeted prospects to see your offer.

Do You Guarantee Clicks and Sales?

We are not a traffic reseller offering hundreds of thousand, or millions of junk visitors. With our service you will get clicks,  but we do not sell fixed amount of clicks, and we certainly can not guarantee sales. What we do is send your ad daily to our high converting sources. It's up to your website or offer page to do the rest.

If you were to submit to all of these places yourself you would spend a lot of time and money. Our cost today is less than what you would typically pay for just one solo ad and you get to benefit from multiple daily sends from multiple sources!

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